These neutral brown tones are perfect for both home and everyday wear, whether you're dressing up a daytime look or going out on the town.

Henri is a mix of brown, gold, white, beige, and gold glitter. Re-created from a set of small canvases I purchases months earlier, Henri and Kate were given new life together.

As I mentioned when describing Kate, the size of the canvases were so small I never pictured they would become more than little accents on my wall.  Much to my surprise, the images came to life in an entirely new way once I saw Henri and Kate on fabric!

These images work wonderfully seamlessly, and are also great to work with in pieces.  Kate and Henri feel like a feminine / masculine sibling set to me, all while being interchangeable with their own personalities.   

I was inspired to use brown and white in a painting for a woodsy feel, but also to incorporate the classic Bendel stripes into one of my designs.  

Back in 2016, I was invited to the Henri Bendel flagship store for an event with an Astrology startup called Align. Excited to see how they curated the current collection by astrology signs, I captured this image of the Capricorn set, which was caught on camera. 

At the time I had quite a few monogrammed pieces and striped shopping bags in my own closet, so I was able to sport my favorite crossbody to the event.

Ever since reading fashion magazines as a teen and watching Gossip Girl in Michigan, I dreamed of the brown Bendel stripes.  

When I finally arrived in New York, the company had gone through a re-brand but still featured a few of my favorite things: the classic stripes, the scented candles, and of course, the Monogram Shop.

Although Henri Bendel is no longer found at 712 Fifth Avenue, my closet still is filled with pieces from over the years.  

The Henri is an ode to the classic brand, the French entrepreneur, and the first place to give Coco Chanel her chance in the United States- so as a part of the Classic Six, he is a perfect fit.