Woodsy yet glam, Charlotte is a whimsy print inspired by sparkling lights and walks through the forest.

Charlotte is a blend of gold, brown, rose, silver, and rose gold glitter. When I began painting her the summer of 2020, I didn't have a particular vision in mind... but I knew I wanted to add rose gold into the mix. 

As I spent my summer days riding my bike to the beach, wandering the woods, and painting visions from my imagination, a whimsy feeling of enchantment came over me.

Living in my hometown brought me back to the same feelings I had growing up- feelings of excitement, magic, and infinite possibility. Nothing seemed out of reach as I dreamed up imaginary tales, swinging over the creek in my grandparent’s backyard next door. 
me, sometime during the late 80's


Charlotte brings a feeling of enchantment and wonder, all while having an outdoorsy feel. 

Kiko was a gem and modeled the Charlotte scarf for me. Looking dapper, I highly recommend this look to give your ensemble a hint of Parisian chic.