the story

Every style tells a story.

It was spring 2020.  Lockdowns were in effect, COVID was starting to spread, and  of course, it was an election year. While the world was uncertain, I was at home with my cat Ollie- and a can of metallic gold paint. Creativity has always been my lifeline, from writing at the park to taking photos while mindfully walking through a busy street. The hustle of everyday life never seemed to suit me, despite living in big cities working in fashion or tech.

As the world shut down, I found my own sense of inner peace- and began to practice the lessons that got me through my difficult years for the past. 

As I looked back on where I’ve been and the people who inspired me along my path, I started to mix colors together and envision prints that represented both personalities and places. My first painting, The Sabrina, was inspired by my first building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and created on a repurposed piece of art I found on Traverse City’s Old Mission Peninsula. Shortly after finishing my work, I learned how to bring my designs to life through fabric, home goods, and accessories. My home quickly was filled with canvases, bottles of paint, and colorful concepts. Without a clear vision in mind, I continued to create designs, but wasn’t sure where to go next. 

I welcomed a second cat, Kiko, into my life after Ollie passed away in November. The loss of my companion, best friend, and comfort was a terrible shock, but I quickly learned that Kiko brought a new wave of energy and inspiration. Lively and unapologetically himself, Kiko’s spirit reminded me to stop holding back and to continue to create. Kiko and I have been through a lot in our short time together; after naming my collection after him (and Ollie), we spent two months in New York, returned to Michigan, and are now embarking on our next chapter. Kiko has continuously reminded me what’s important in life, to slow down, and embrace the moment.

Even though my path has been non-linear, every step along the way has lead me to who I am today- and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kiko & Ollie tells my story and was created for you to celebrate your own. 



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