Taylor gives a new look to basic black and white with a hint of sparkle to dress up for either day or night.

Taylor is a mix of silver, black, white, and silver glitter.  Created July of 2020, Taylor went through a few changes over the months- first embellished with some extra sequins, I opted to go for a more minimal look.

I left the signature gold for a darker, nighttime feel with the Taylor- it felt like we were slowly moving downtown from the Upper West Side as I painted her. 

Jonathan and Madison came after Taylor, introducing a new collection and brand new feeling- one I embraced after going back to New York.  Letting go of old insecurity and fear was a brand-new feeling as I walked through Central Park, visited my old building, and caught up with old friends.

The Ugly Ducking statue felt symbolic, as it made me think about the feelings of self doubt I had that couldn't be covered up with gold paint and a red lipstick smile.  Sometimes, you have to dig deep and face the thinks that scare you to come back out into the light. 


Seeing the innocent duckling wear a mask made me think about all the beautiful creations that are never seen because we are afraid to express who we are with the world.  Inspired by people who fearlessly create, I named this design Taylor, after two of my favorite songwriters.

Wearing the Taylor bodysuit with the arcade ring, I was excited to share my own Coney Island pictures on TikTok along with my new opal jewelry. Funny how even the packaging matched the Taylor print perfectly!

As we leave the Classic Six collection and move into Sea Meets Sky, Taylor is a perfect transition from downtown days to walks along the shore.