Inspired by my friend Shawn in Austin, this print is perfect for any color palette, with red accents to accessorize a little black dress, yoga outfit, or holiday ensemble. 

Shawn is a mix of gold, red, black, silver, white, and gold glitter.  When I painted this piece, it was originally called the Oliver- and was yet to have splashes of red. 

Adding glitter paint is always the final stage, so it caught me by surprise when I realized the paint brush still had hints of red from my previous painting. Oops! This happy accident turned out to be the Shawn, which is the second piece in my Summer 2020 collection: The Classic Six.

Shawn quickly became one of my favorite designs, whether it acted as a kitchen table to a piece on my wall.  She became a skirt, mask, and tote early in her journey, and I was excited to see two bags arrive in Austin this past month.

As my designs meet their original inspiration- whether it's a person or place- their stories evolve.  It's so exciting to watch the art come to life through the seasons, in different cities, and with different people.

new york public library, 2016