sea meets sky

From the shore to the street.

As I rode my bike around Traverse City during the summer of 2020, I was inspired to paint the colors of both the bay and Tiffany blues.  Although I missed my life in the city, I was grateful to be back in my hometown during the pandemic.  

at home with the ariel pillow

At home in my hillside apartment with Ollie, I was able to create a collection in comfort with birds in my backyard and a cool breeze through my back door.

After my trip back to New York, I dug deeper into exploring my spirituality, Human Design chart, and renewed connection with nature.  Sea Meets Sky slowly became a collection as I brought together an urban feel with seaside escapes and the serenity of the sky.  

empire, michigan, august 2020



Ariel is a mix of gold, turquoise, white, teal, and gold glitter.

Streaks of gold accent a scatter of turquoise and blue. Hebrew for "lion of god," this royal print also captures the flow of the sea.


Kitra is a mix of gold, navy, silver, and gold glitter.

Like the glisten of the city lights along the river, stella's gold embellishments are both edgy & enchanting. Hebrew for "crown," this royal print also captures the magic of the sky.


Jonathan is a mix of silver, navy, black, and opal glitter.

A mix of metallic blue and black, Jonathan brings the night sky to life with its silver sparkle and opal accents.


Madison is a mix of silver, rose gold, black, and opal glitter.

Created alongside Jonathan, Madison's blushing rose gold accents compliment her minimalist black and white look.


empire state building, september 2020