Inspired by my first building on the Upper West Side, this print is perfect for any color palette, with rose accents to add some chic to a little black dress or minimalistic living space.


Sabrina is a mix of copper, black, white, silver, rose, and gold glitter. When I first came across the canvas for Sabrina- a print of a rug inside a black frame- I had no idea what to do with it.

As I stared at the gold piece in front of me, the first thought that came to my mind was creating layers; layers to represent experiences, places, personalities, and people.

Our stories are rarely linear, and each detail has many tales which accompany each experience. Defining myself has been a struggle throughout my entire life, whether it’s describing what I do or where I’m from. Creating a label for oneself may provide comfort, but to me, it’s a terrifying place to be.

Labels create limitations; which is why mixing metals, using colors that may not ordinary belong together, and creating versatile products is so important to me.

september 2020, sabrina

When I painted the Sabrina, I didn’t know what would follow; but I did consciously create her with an intention of versatility, glamour, and grit. 

Sabrina may grace the cafe with her lipstick perfectly in place, but she’s never afraid to share her struggles. She knows there is power in her story, and even though the details may not be so pretty... they make her the woman she is today.

october 2014, sabrina lobby

On my first night back in New York this fall, I passed Fearless Girl after meeting an old friend on Wall Street. It was 9/9, two days before September 11th, and I smiled as I saw her stand proudly. With my Sabrina clutch in hand, she fit perfectly inside her arm as she stood up to the bulls of the NYSE. Strong and secure, Fearless Girl represented my shift from lost and unsure of myself to purposeful and confident.

Finally, my art was a way to express what I was holding on for so long- feelings, stories, and symbolism I was longing to share in a way other than writing and photography. 


 meet miss fearless 

This picture-perfect moment was the ideal way to spend my first night back in the city- back in the place  I thought I would never leave as soon as my feet touched on the pavement back in 2014. 

Nevertheless, the  journey which took me to the moment I’m at today has prepared me for the future more than I ever could have imagined- and no matter what is next, I’ll always be able carry the memories of the Sabrina with me.