Kate is a pop of color to compliment your basic blacks, a feminine room, or to add cheer to your office.

When I created Kate and Henri last spring, I had no idea they would later become blankets, tote bags, coffee mugs, and more- especially given the size of the canvases.

Designed as a sibling set, Kate and Henri are reminiscent of my first years in New York, both representing designers / brands which inspired me early in my career. Whether I was walking along Madison Avenue and peeking in store windows or working at a shopping app on Fifth Avenue, my path continually aligned with both the stories and the imagery of Upper Manhattan.

As I sat in quarantine, I remembered those days fondly and got out my paint, glitter, and brushes. 


Kate has been to New York, Florida, and beyond in her eight short months on earth. Nevertheless, this sparkly print is timeless with its gold base and pops of pink. Whether Kate is worn during the summer months or enjoyed on a winter day, she’s sure to brighten any mood.