west village, january 2016

when i began painting, i wanted to capture a feeling;

a feeling of joy, enchantment, and possibility.

i wanted to embrace the feelings that brought me a sense of wonder through the darkness and share it with others.

in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, i continually focused on the things that made me the happiest- art, spending days in the park, kitty cuddles, and of course, sparkle.

fashion has been a part of my life for as long as i can remember, so i decided that even though i didn't have anywhere to go, i could create pieces for when i do. 



in pursuit of fashion, the met museum

i reflected on people, places, and artists who have inspired me along the way. from the heavenly bodies exhibit at the met to circling the reservoir right when the blossoms pop, my pieces reflect the feeling i have inside when i think about my most beautiful memories.

from a chic black aesthetic with pops of color to street art & the shimmer of city lights, you'll find a lot of my designs influenced by florals, architecture, jewelry, and water.

whether it was working with jewelry designers to exploring astoria, the inspiration behind my designs vary from street art to high fashion. 

I hope you enjoy!